The basic policy of planning and implementation of all activities of the company Moraitis BROS S.A. relates to quality and food safety, is widely publicized and consists of the following guidelines:

To achieve and maintain the quality of the products to the level that promises to its customers, always using the best available technology and know-how both in production processes as well as in the provision of services.
To meet customer orders within the agreed deadlines and in accordance with the specified conditions and standards of quality and safety for its products.
To plan specific quality improvements of production processes.
To ensure organized training and education of all staff in order to achieve optimal performance and hygiene as well as expertise in the workplace.
To provide products that are produced and managed in completely controlled health and safety conditions while all risks have been determined and assessed concerning food safety for all products produced, at each stage of their management.
To strictly comply with the procedures provided under the requirements of the FSMS in accordance with International Standard 180 22000/2005.
To provide its products in accordance with the safety requirements whenever required by applicable national and community legislation on food safety.
To supply its products with special attention to safety standards for all customers as well as for vulnerable population groups (children, elderly, pregnant women, people with allergic predisposition).

The objective of the company is to achieve, maintain and improve its image and credibility in the domestic and international markets, producing and transporting products of consistently high quality with emphasis on safety. Also, to ensure that its policy concerning product quality and safety is always appropriate to the purpose of the company. This policy is constantly being reviewed as to its ongoing suitability and is communicated and understood by all personnel involved, customers and suppliers.

"The continued strengthening of a solid and constructive relationship with the customers-users of our finished products is the primary target of the company. The company is committed in continuing to meet customer demands with high quality standards and for this reason, each time it will provide to any extent necessary, the material resources and manpower to fulfill this goal."

Dimitrios Moraitis