The company "MORAITI BROS S.A." was established in 1975 as a private enterprise by Konstantinos Moraitis who was already engaged in the cultivation of almonds with his two young sons. The company is originally based in Dimini, Volos, in private premises and deals with the breaking and marketing of nuts, especially almonds and hazelnuts.

In 1987 the company was converted into a general partnership company with the participation of his two adult sons, Demetrios and John and moved to the industrial zone of ​​Volos in privately owned buildings. From 1991 onwards, the company broadened its scope of activities in the field of almond processing (cooking, bleaching, cutting almond seeds into bits/slices) through continuous installation of modern machinery and its constant improvement.

In 2002 the company changed its legal form and was transformed into a S.A.Company and has remained as such since then. From 1975 until today the company "MORAITI BROS S.A." operates in the field of nuts, especially almonds.

Today, the company is headquartered in the first industrial zone of ​the city of ​Volos in privately owned buildings in a total area of ​​2,700m2 and has a refrigeration capacity of 1400m3, as well as highly sophisticated machinery.

The main objective and feature of "MORAITI BROS S.A." is the excellent quality of its products. To achieve this objective, the company faithfully implements Ensuring Quality Systems (ELOT EN ISO 22000:2005).

The company procures almonds from Greek producers and Greek merchants, as well as importing american almond seeds.

The processing of almonds (breaking, whitening (bleaching), filleting, cutting into bits, roasting, packing), is performed within the facilites of the company “MORAITI BROS S.A.". The state-of-the-art technology and the extensive experience of its employees contribute to the achievement of optimal results.

The main products that are manufactured by the company are natural whole almonds in various sizes for usage in pastry making, roasted almonds, almond bits in various sizes, almond slices, ground almonds in white or natural form.


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